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Smartmoves is a UKK Institute project that aims to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in secondary education.

The project already had a visual look and a website, but they were considered outdated. The goal was to create a more simple, fresh and peaceful visual identity that would address both students and teachers.

We created a new visual identity that used some elements from the old visual identity but we gave a more modern twist to them. The new logo is more simple than the earlier “graffiti logo”, but the letter S was retained to create a connection with the old look. Previously used patterns are also used in the new identity but in different colors and somewhat more modestly. Colors, photo style and typography were redesigned.

We assembled all elements to one document that helps when new material will be created for the project. In addition to a responsive websites, we also created a flyer, hoodie and bag design for the project.

What we did: Visual Identity, Website Design + Development

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