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Maistuva koulu

“Maistuva koulu” is an operational model for primary school food education developed by the Centre for Food Culture Ruukku and the University of Eastern Finland. The model aims to develop food education in schools.

We designed and implemented a responsive website for the project. One of the main components of the website is an “idea bank”. From the idea bank, teachers can search for different exercises relating to food based on different search criteria.

We used service development methods when developing the website. During the process, we asked for feedback from the users on three separate occasions. This helped us to create a website that meets both the needs of the users and the goals of the project.

Maistuva koulu’s website was developed in collaboration with the users. The cooperation with Marja and Hannu was flexible and smooth. We especially appreciated the fact that the end result did not have to be clear in mind when making the offer, but we were able to change our minds along the way. This has been the most agile website project in which I’ve been involved with!
– Silja Varjonen, Ruukku – Centre for Food Culture –

What we did: Website Design + Development

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