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Helmet network (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) consists of the city libraries of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, and Vantaa.

A renewed was published in April 2016. At the same time Muuks was asked to update Helmet’s logo and visual identity. Helmet wanted the logo to be more simple so that it would work better on the website and in more demanding print material. Most important criteria when designing the new logo was clarity and readability. Muuks created Helmet a new visual identity and different kind of templates that enables Helmet staff to create materials based on the new visual identity.

Marja Hautala is a skilled graphic designer, who does her background research, leads the process in a diligent manner and understood our needs very well. All work has been done as agreed, they have been of high quality and we also feel that it has been very pleasant to work with Marja. We are very happy about the final outcome and we would like to recommend Muuks to any work that involves visual identity creation or update and graphic design.
– Helmet communication team –

What we did: Logo Design, Visual Identity

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