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Ehkäisevä Päihdetyö Ehyt ry

EHYT is a preventive substance abuse work organisation that promotes healthy ways of life in Finland.

We created Ehyt a fun online test. By doing the test people can find out what kind of drinking habits they have. Do they enjoy a couple of glasses of wine out at dinner? If so, their drinking habits are similar to Italian people. Or do they prefer hard liquors? If so, they would enjoy Russian balalaika party. The test was shared on Facebook by over 6000 people!

The starting point was a blurry vision out of which Muuks was able to take the essential bits and create a fun online test. Project was done on schedule and we’re very happy with the end result. Nice folks! With Muuks things go smoothly!
– Sara Salomaa –

What we did: Illustration, Visual Identity, Website Design + Development

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