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Arvokas project

Arvokas funding program (2018–2021) aims at a more equal Finland where everyone can be a significant part of the community and society.

Arvokas program consists of 25 projects. The target group of the Arvokas program is vast as the projects involve e.g. immigrants, unemployed, long-term prisoners and young people living in foster families. Arvokas funding program is coordinated by the Finnish Settlement.

We produced a visual identity system, presentation templates and website for Arvokas program. Visual identity is based on a collection of geometric shapes that represent different people/groups. These shapes can be for some materials further modified to include facial experssions. Already at the beginning, the Settlement Union wished for a logo that would ressemble a stamp. The logo was tied to other visual elements with a positive color scheme.

We wanted to have a visual identity that connects all the project but also reminds us of our diversity. Marja created these lovely shapes that communicate exactly what we wanted to say. The logo is distinguished enough but still playfull and positive. Marja listened to us carefully but also brough up her own views. Also the website was exactly what we wanted – thank you Hannu! Marja and Hannu took charge of the project right in the beginning and all work was completed as agreed, in time. We warmly recommend Muuks!
– Heidi Härmä, Communications Coordinator –

What we did: Visual Identity, Website Design + Development

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